25 Essential Windows Phone 8 Tips You Should Know

evolveteam February 19, 2013 2
25 Essential Windows Phone Tips You Should Know
Words by Angelina Montanez

So upgrade season has arrived, your mobile carrier passed along the update, and the transition is being made from Android, iOS, or (yes) BlackBerry to Microsoft’s new mobile platform: Windows Phone 8. Pretty exciting stuff, we know first hand. However, chances are you’ve become overwhelmed by the operating system’s alluring and dynamic UI—leaving you in the dark of the OS’ phenomenal high-tech capabilities. Leave all worries behind. Evolve got you covered.

By now you got the basics on lock: Kids Corner, Rooms, Data Sense (Verizon only), and resizing live tiles. Now it’s time to dig deeper into the software and see what your WP8 device is really working with under the hood. From enhanced productivity features to universal remote functionality, get familiar with the 25 Essential Windows Phone 8 Tips You Should Know.

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