World Of Warcraft Goes Higher In Its Next Expansion “Legion”

Jager Robinson August 7, 2015 0

Since yesterday, World of Warcraft has been in the news a lot. From a staggeringly low subscriber count to a brand new expansion launch, World of Warcraft is certainly going to go through some changes in the next year.

Starting with the subscriber count, World of Warcraft hit a new low (since Burning Crusade, its first expansion) of 5.6 million subscribers. Now don’t get us wrong, 5.6 million is still several million above the next highest MMO but it is surprisingly now considering at the launch of the previous expansion, the numbers jumped to 10.1 million subscribers.

Blizzard certainly looks to turn that around with Legion, their newest expansion.

Legion will introduce the area of the Broken Isles. Some LORE enthusiasts might know the Broken Isles from Warcraft 3 but it has never been playable in WoW.

To go along with the new location, World of Warcraft will be getting the usual expansion touch up. The Level cap will raise to 110, their will be a new class called Demon Hunters, a slew of improved features and of course, new raids.

This isn’t a very inciting expansion as the last one gave us houses and garrisons but this expansion will certainly look to gain a few subscribers back.

Stay tuned for more details as they come! But for now, check out the trailer.