Aliens Colonial Marines Review

evolveteam February 18, 2013 4
aliens colonial marines

In Conclusion…

Hate to say it (really do), but I’ve never been so disappointed in a game for a long time. The lack of story direction was a huge downfall. Not only that, but I felt that there was no imagination when it came to entire development process of the game. Multiplayer might be the only positive here and even that needs work. I’m still bewildered, as I remember seeing the demo of Colonial Marines at E3, and when Sega came to NYC Comic-Con: it had me, along with everyone hyped. What the hell happened in between? All I do know is it took this game nearly seven years to make. And if this is the final outcome, Sega, let alone Gearbox Software, might want to consider restructuring their development teams for the undetermined next installment.

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