10 Resident Evil Monsters That Should Have Been In The Films

evolveteam September 14, 2012 2
Resident Evil Mosters Mr. X

Mr. X

Umbrella’s bioorganic weapons project had Leon and Claire ducking every corner in fear before Jill Valentine’s encounters with the Nemesis. Bursting through the walls of Raccoon Police station and immune to live ammo in the norm, X would have made for a great mystery figure in the third film: following Alice across the Mojave desert, till his transformation into the T-103 Tyrant in the final battle. Should we revisit Dr. Sam Isaacs’ whack mutation into the indestructible monster? Let’s not.

Resident Evil Movies Ogroman


The Resident Evil 6 creature is by far the most disturbing of the bunch. Capcom hasn’t shared much on the 30-foot tall, C-Virus experiment, but you can tell based on looks alone that he’s not one to F with. Play Chris’ mission in the game and see for youself. Obviously the director has no clout when it comes to bringing over monsters from any new R.E. game, especially one launching a few weeks after the film. So again, we stress having to watch Alice run over a ginormous licker in a Toyota Corolla. There’s always the sixth film, right Anderson?

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