10 Resident Evil Monsters That Should Have Been In The Films

evolveteam September 14, 2012 2
Resident Evil Movies Chimeras


Lickers are cool, but Chimeras are straight up frightening. Take into account its climbing abilities and fast-striking approach, along with its grotesque appearance, you’re looking at one gruesome insect that no one wants a part of. CGI would do the creature justice on the big screen. Besides, what’s creepier than a big hairy bug looking to get its grub on? [Insert Paul Anderson film references here]

Resident Evil Movies El Gigante

El Gigante

It squashes anything in its vicinity like a gnat and is a massive pain in the ass to take down. That’s El Gigante in a nutshell. The orc-like beast brandishes a huge club to pound his meat (pause) and resembles something out of a Peter Jackson film. You know which one. So what better boss battle for Leon to revisit in his first onscreen adventure? Not happening. Instead, he and the gang have their hands full with a 50-foot licker. How original.

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