10 Resident Evil Monsters That Should Have Been In The Films

evolveteam September 14, 2012 2
Resident Evil Movies Bella Sisters

The Bella “Chainsaw” Sisters

Alice and Claire Redfield, meet the Bellas. Personally, we thought a duel between the heroines and the chainsaw wielding freaks would have made for a dope battle sequence in the forth film. It brought chills up your spine when you ventured into the village ala Resident Evil 4 and chances are it would have done the same in any of the latter big-screen entries. Don’t front.

Resident Evil Movies Kipepeo


Is it an understate to imply that the entire R.E. movie franchise has lacked flying monsters. Not really. In fact, Alice’s battle with the zombie crows in Extinction is the encounter captured on film. Anderson should have pushed more boundaries in Afterlife and thrown these winged threats into the mix. Maybe have a swarm of them fly off with Luther West (Boris Kodjoe) and tear him limb from limb in mid-air. Oh yea, forgot…in 3D.

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