10 Resident Evil Monsters That Should Have Been In The Films

evolveteam September 14, 2012 2
Resident Evil Movies Hunters


This should be a unanimous decision. Wesker’s reptile-esque pawns made it extremely difficult to move forward in the second act of the first Resident Evil game. Fast, deadly, and hard to take down—lets just say a knife won’t get the job done. It’s never to late to revisit the mansion. Flashback, people. If not, throw a couple of them in the Raccoon City Police Station and Apocalypse gains more brownie points

Resident Evil Movies Garrador


This homicidal Wolverine/Vega reject builds an appetite for flesh every time the dinner bell rings in his dungeon. You thought El Gigante was frustrating to deal with, take a swipe at this guy (pun intended). Blind, but deadly, the dual-clawed freak uses his hearing to attack and make minced meat out of his prey. Would have been insane to see him locked up with Chris Redfield in the prison system in Afterlife. Wishful thinking.

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