10 Resident Evil Monsters That Should Have Been In The Films

evolveteam September 14, 2012 2
Resident Evil Movies Iron Maiden/Regenerators

Regenerators/Iron Maidens

We’re picturing Alice being brave enough to engage in a little melee combat with these spiked behemoths. Then again, this is a Paul Anderson film, so yea it shouldn’t be that hard to vision her walk out of a battle: unfazed and unharmed. Anyways, encountering these parasite-driven creatures in Wesker’s Umbrella lab in Retribution might make for an intense stealth scene. Then again, like we said, this is a Paul Anderson film!

Resident Evil Movies Verdugo


Let’s keep it 100 here—our heroes need some real competition. A monster that’s impervious to everything except being penetrated by a rocket launcher while frozen…sounds like a serious challenge. Salazar’s bodyguards might look like Predalien wannabes, but they’re more versatile and deadly in their attacks. In short, these are two dudes Alice isn’t trying to beef with.

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