10 DLC Wrestlers We Want Featured In WWE ’12

evolveteam December 5, 2011 4

wwe 12 Million Dollar Man DLC

“Million Dollar Man” Ted Dibiase

Dream opponent: Ted Dibiase Jr.
The elder Dibiase was best known for two things: cutting-edge hee promos and that gold, diamond-studded million-dollar belt. The WWE’s most “despised villain” viewed money as power and exploited his wealth by not only buying Andre the Giant’s services, but cashing out the rest of the competition to become one of the federation’s most revered grapplers. In-ring, he was a great wrestling technician, just like his son today. The addition of the “Million Dollar Man” fits perfect now that all the new and old stable names are available: including the Million Dollar Corporation. Imagine what that squad would look like. Plus WWE fans can never get enough of the father vs. son drama. It’s the magic soap operas are made of.

wwe 12 Razor Ramon DLC

Razor Ramon

Dream opponent: Alberto Del Rio
It’s been long overdue, and you know it. Between spewing bragadocious one-liners on the microphone to revolutionizing the wrestling industry as one-third of the NWO, Scott Hall AKA Razor Ramon made a career out of being a total bad-ass, easily transforming himself into the coolest wrestler during his prime. Dude also had the greatest bout in the first ladder match at Wrestlemania X against Shawn Michaels. What? You know we’re right. Anyways, the rehab-bound grappler has cemented his legacy as one of the toughest in-ring performers and has heavily influenced other swagger jackers in the WWE, most noticeably Albert Del Rio. Pay homage.

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  • Dracob

    Bad form, Chris is a murderer, having him in this article demeans this whole site.

  • Dr Matt

    Most of these wrestlers/superstars are in  WWE All Stars.  Who cares about the train wreck porn star Chyna?  And please, Benoit?  It’s about time we all forgot about him.

  • Jed316

    Um, just curious, but from what site did you get such information as Chyna being a King Of The Ring winner, or Ted DiBiase holding the Intercontinental Title?

  • z0mbi3jesuz

    I don’t care what he did, Benoit was a hell of a wrestler. Stone Cold Steve Austin has left a trail of beaten and battered women. Benoit had Dementia. I’m fairly certain he wasn’t ‘behind the wheel and in control’ of his actions.