10 DLC Wrestlers We Want Featured In WWE ’12

evolveteam December 5, 2011 4

wwe '12 jimmy superfly snuka  dlc

Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka

Dream opponent: Sin Cara
The original high flyer cemented his legacy after being the first wrestler to leap off a 15-foot high steel cage onto the mat. After spending his entire career tossing himself from the top ropes, Snuka’s WWE’12 entrance seems inevitable, especially when you consider the type of death-defying matches he can pull off versus the likes of Sin Cara or Evan Bourne. And seeing how “Superfly” stands as the inaugural ECW World Champ, it’d be pretty cool to return the title back to its rightful owner thanks to WWE resurrecting the belt in the game.

wwe 12 Bret Hart DLC

Bret “The Hitman” Hart

Dream opponent: John Cena
Would it be totally clichéd to quote the wrestling great? Don’t answer. However you put it, Hart’s infamous spiel still holds true in the minds of many wrestling fans. Well, maybe not amongst “Heartbreak Kid” enthusiasts. Nonetheless, “The Hitman’s” technical prowess and agility make him a worthy competitor amongst any of today’s WWE elite. And we’re sure most gamers would love to put the “Excellence of Execution” to the test against poster boy and umpthteen-time former champion: John Cena. If you feel no modern wrestler could lace his boots, there’s always the option to create a story arch and screw Bret once again.

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  • Dracob

    Bad form, Chris is a murderer, having him in this article demeans this whole site.

  • Dr Matt

    Most of these wrestlers/superstars are in  WWE All Stars.  Who cares about the train wreck porn star Chyna?  And please, Benoit?  It’s about time we all forgot about him.

  • Jed316

    Um, just curious, but from what site did you get such information as Chyna being a King Of The Ring winner, or Ted DiBiase holding the Intercontinental Title?

  • z0mbi3jesuz

    I don’t care what he did, Benoit was a hell of a wrestler. Stone Cold Steve Austin has left a trail of beaten and battered women. Benoit had Dementia. I’m fairly certain he wasn’t ‘behind the wheel and in control’ of his actions.