Activision Reveals New Changes to Destiny: The Taken King

evolveteam August 14, 2015 0

Destiny: The Taken King has come out with yet another brand new patch and boy does it bring with it some new changes that may very well change how players customize themselves. The first of these changes is that the ghosts will no longer just be a bland talking NPC but will now have customizable shells, but these shells are far from being just aesthetic each unique shell has its own personal stat boosts, increases the player’s light level by various amounts, and even give unique perks meaning players are going to have to find the shell that best suits their play styles.

Also it seems as though the traveling salesman Xur has a brand new item that players are going to go nuts for, The Three of Coins an item that when used will increase the odds of an epic item being dropped when facing a boss after using it. Finally, Peter Dinklage will no longer be voicing the Ghost but rather Nolan North, the reasoning breaks down to availability and while Dinklage is amazing his schedule is too tight for the creators to deal with. Overall though it seems like players are gonna be grinding for a while just to get their own ghost shells or enough glimmer to get that Three of Coins but never the less Destiny is gonna be getting a lot more attention now.