10 DLC Wrestlers We Want Featured In WWE ’12

evolveteam December 5, 2011 4

wwe 12 Chris Benoit DLC

Chris Benoit

Dream opponent: Daniel Bryan
Screw the controversy plaguing his legacy. Fact of the matter is that when Chris Benoit performed, he brought everyone out of their seats with his wide array of technical moves and high tolerance for pain. He was an honorable WWE champion, quite possibly the most memorable United States champ, and was one of two wrestlers to ever start the Royal Rumble at No. 1…and win! The closest wrestler we’ve really gotten to Benoit since his tragic death has been mat specialist Daniel Bryan. Despite the differences in speed and power, their finishing moves are quite similar, making for an awesome “Crippler Cross Face/Cattle Mutilation” standoff. Give the man his due.

wwe 12 Mr. Perfect DLC

Mr. Perfect

Dream opponent: Dolph Ziggler
Curt Henning was the only wrestler in the late 80s/early 90s who did any and everything to perfection, with a pompous swagger that was insane. He even went a whole year undefeated and is arguably hailed as thee greatest IC champion of all time. A title we feel is best suited. His in-ring game was a combination of strategy and precision that allowed him to excel as one of the greats in the industry. Plus his microphone talents were ahead of its time. Take a look at current US Champ Dolph Ziggler and you’ll definitely see a glimpse of Perfect in the newcomer, which would result in some great matches. We’re also curious to see who could pop the most shit in the game.

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  • Dracob

    Bad form, Chris is a murderer, having him in this article demeans this whole site.

  • Dr Matt

    Most of these wrestlers/superstars are in  WWE All Stars.  Who cares about the train wreck porn star Chyna?  And please, Benoit?  It’s about time we all forgot about him.

  • Jed316

    Um, just curious, but from what site did you get such information as Chyna being a King Of The Ring winner, or Ted DiBiase holding the Intercontinental Title?

  • z0mbi3jesuz

    I don’t care what he did, Benoit was a hell of a wrestler. Stone Cold Steve Austin has left a trail of beaten and battered women. Benoit had Dementia. I’m fairly certain he wasn’t ‘behind the wheel and in control’ of his actions.