The 5 Best Exclusive PS3 Games to Buy This Holiday

evolveteam October 8, 2013 6
PS3 Exclusives 2013
Words by Angelina Montanez

As Sony prepares to bring forth its next generation of home console gaming with the PlayStation 4, most of us are already looking to either trade-in or pass on our PS3 systems. But with the company reassuring us the console has a good “couple of years” left, one can expect some awesome new titles, PlayStation Network downloads, and PSP/Vita ports to come in the coming months. And for those who can’t afford to make the upgrade to a PS4, or simply got left out in the cold because they failed to secure a reservation, it’s time to put the current-gen machine to good use heading into the holidays. Lucky for you, Sony has a number of great exclusives available for purchase that you might want to consider putting on the Christmas list. We’re more than happy to put you on. These are the 5 Best Exclusive PS3 Games to Buy This Holiday.

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