The 5 Best Exclusive PS3 Games to Buy This Holiday

evolveteam October 8, 2013 6
Last of Us PS3

The Last of Us

If you haven’t caught onto Naughty Dog’s classic action-horror title…then where the hell have you been this entire summer? Anyways, the holidays seems like a fitting time to level up your scare factor. Set in the year 2033 during a post-zombie apocalypse, The Last of Us puts you in control of special escort Joel, as he takes on the responsibility of transporting Ellie, a survivor who could hold the cure to humanity’s survival, to a safety zone. Fend off numerous threats in the form of Clickers, Runners, and Stalkers, while basking in an intense storyline and phenomenal graphics. There is a reason why gaming outlets like IGN gave it a perfect score.

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