The 10 Hottest Urban Geek Vixens

evolveteam February 14, 2013 3
The 10 Hottest Urban Geek Vixens
Words by Ian Freeman

We at Evolve are always on the lookout for signs of mankind reaching towards next step in evolution. And in our research, we’ve noticed an alarming pattern–a new breed of female geek has evolved (no pun intended). We’re talking about sultry and stunning beauties that bear the characteristics (and looks) of a supermodel and who come from the urbanistic circles of society. No longer are they the stereotypical bookworm or boyish looking tagalong we’ve become accustomed to in the past. We got some stunners on are hands gentlemen. So if you’re looking for some real geek eye candy with some serious sass to them, you’re in for a treat fellas. Take a look at the 10 Hottest Urban Geek Vixens out on the block right now.

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