Dress Him in Kr3w For You… Her Picks For Him!

evolveteam February 13, 2013 1
kr3w denim lead image

In a market flooded with fashion brands, few come into the fold that can actually speak for a generation. Enter KR3W—the apparel staple that specializes in skateboarding apparel and appeals to the streetwear district. Established in 2002 by co-founder Angel Cabada, KR3W’s made a name for itself on the clothing scene for its fashion-forward catalog, which includes everything from pants to watches. It’s even scored sponsorships from high-profile clientele along the likes of Steve Aoki, Terry Kenedy, and Anton Yelchin. Impressive, we know.

Needless to say, the company’s come close to cementing its mark on the fashion world. And with Valentine’s Day closing upon us: What better way to impress wifey than with a wardrobe that specks in loud volume? Consider this your official fashion PSA, gentlemen. Here’s a special look at the stylish garments you should be rocking come V-Day courtesy of KR3W.

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Kr3w Denim Classic Denim

Klassic Denim

The days of squeezing into a tight pair of denim jeans are done. Slide into a set of Klassic Denim pants knowing you can travel miles without feeling the clichéd effects of the quote on quote “skinny jeans effect.” You know exactly where we’re going with that. Four colors options + 90% cotton fabric = chillax comfort.

Kr3w Routine LW Wovens

Routine LS Woven

After experiencing the hardships of planning V-Day and scrambling through the big city to plan the special night, the odds have you favoring a sleek, yet relaxing long-sleeved shirt for the rest of the day. That’s why we recommend KR3W’s 99% cotton woven top. BTW, keep in mind the ladies love a gentlemen in thug fashion.

Kr3w Vein Jacket

Vein Jacket

Laced in 100% cotton wax carbon coated canvas, the Vein Jacket spews sophisticated swag on the coldest of days. Rock it in the winter or even on a motorbike at wind-breaking speeeds. Either way, its’ smooth fit and attractive design solidify your sense of well-garnered fashioned.

kr3w heatered socks

Heathered Socks

The expression dipped from head to toe should never be taken lightly, especially when it comes to dressing up on Valentine’s Day. So since you’ll be running around town for most of the day grabbing flowers and scoring last-minute reservations at whatever restaurant comes to mind–bask in the comfort of KR3W’s pure-cotton socks.

kr3w Seed 2 Patch Snap

Seed 2 Patch Snap

Snap backs have become a fixture amongst the urban hipster conglomerate. And it doesn’t come more authentic than KR3W’s collection of fitted caps. From the uniquely stylish color combinations (Charcoal Heather and Turquoise) to its comfort fit, we recommend putting these on your radar come summertime.



Built from durable stainless steel and flaunting a translucent red glass rear that exposes the watch’s internals, the Redrum signifies killer fashion on all lifestyle levels. On top of that, its 5ATM water-resistant casing translates to you diving up to 132 feet of water: damage-free. Just enough length to chase after wifey underwater. Time is money, gentlemen!