8 Reasons To Root Your Android Phone

evolveteam April 22, 2013 3
Reasons to Root Android Devices
Words by Jason Million

The general consensus with Android is that it’s an open-source environment that provides the capabilities of doing things on your smartphone (or tablet) you wouldn’t be able to pull off on an iPhone or Windows Phone device. So begs the question: Why hack into your handset? Just seeing if you can do it? Trying to become the cool kid on the mobile scene perhaps? Truth is you want to unlock the device’s greatest potential. The only way of doing so is through the processing of rooting.

Before stepping into the dark side, one must understand the true concept of rooting. It basically allows a device to overcome the numerous restrictions programmed right out of the box and tweaks the software to enhance the overall Android experience. Some associate this with another familiar term for mobile hacking, jailbreaking, which is reserved for iOS devices. The difference between the two is the former offers access to the entire system–offering untapped power at your disposal. Need some convincing before taking such a risk? Here are 8 Reasons To Root Your Android Phone.

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