8 Reasons To Root Your Android Phone

evolveteam April 22, 2013 3
Android Rooting Backups


Google Play offers a variety of apps to run general backups for contacts, music, photos, etc. But what about saving apps and all the hard work you’ve put into games like Candy Crush Saga or Subway Surfers? Programs such as Titanium Backup allow you to perform such an action, preserving programs and data, while offering the ability to move an app to an SD card. If you end up indulging in the rooting lifestyle, it’s a given to download one of these programs.

Android Rooting Gaming

Additional Features

Aspiring developers are always working on better solutions to enhance the Android experience. For instance, say your carrier (AT&T is notorious for this) blocks an application from being installed on your phone. Rooting can manipulate the software into thinking its running on a different carrier. Want to connect a PS3 controller via Bluetooth to your tablet/smartphone? Say no more. Using Jelly Bean-only apps on an ICS device? Got that covered, too. There is always a workaround available if you do a little digging.

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