Cutting the Cord: Your Reasons to Drop Cable for Media Streaming

evolveteam August 29, 2013 1
Cut the Cord
Words by Jason Million

The recent war between CBS and Time Warner Cable that’s taken place over the past few weeks has only led the consumer public to question whether they really need a cable service to fulfill the entertainment void. Programming costs are increasing annually and that basically passes the buck down to cable subscribers. For instance, a DTV Value package with Time Warner Cable back in 2009 was $65. Now in 2013, it’s about $85. But TWC isn’t the only cable provider hiking prices on its services, as companies like Comcast, AT&T’s U-Verse, and Cablevision are all doing the same.

So as price hikes and ongoing television battles continue to ruin our viewing experience: should one really consider cutting the cord? Absolutely. We look into some of the other cost saving and entertainment alternatives available at the moment that’ll seriously make you consider returning your cable box to a nearby customer service center.

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