5 Reasons To Make the HTC One Your Next Android Phone

evolveteam March 7, 2013 6
5 Reasons to Make the HTC One Your Next Smartphone
Words by Alex Bracetti

Despite the Taiwanese mobile staple’s financial concerns, face facts, HTC’s been accountable for a majority of the top Google-operated smartphones to hit the scene over the past four years. Need a reminder? How’s this: the Hero, Incredible, G2, Thunderbolt, Sensation 4G, the One Series, and last but not least, the Droid DNA. Let that sink in for a minute. OK, cool. Yes, the company’s lineage of game-changing handsets evidently scream in loud volume, but unfortunately, competitors like Samsung have pulled out the megaphone and captured the attention of most Android conformists with its Galaxy S devices.

Under insurmountable pressures to deliver once again, HTC looks to place all bets on its upcoming multi-carrier flagship phone simply dubbed the HTC One. Now what makes it the essential smartphone to own heading into the summer? Ha, wouldn’t you like to know. From beautifully engineered hardware to remarkable software upgrades, Evolve is more than happy to put you onto the 5 Reasons To Make the HTC One Your Next Android Phone.

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  • As a former HTC owner now using the Galaxy Note 2 I commend HTC for doing something to make their flagship device fresh. HTC has always been a favorite of mine and I hope the one helps them gain some market share from Samsung and Apple. Nice work on the write up guys.

  • JMillion

    HTC has always tried to do different things with their devices which I appreciate. I loved and still love the HTC One S

  • Marlon Milligan

    Nice list.. Its a killer phone. I most definitely will be getting it

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