5 Reasons to be Psyched for Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

evolveteam February 12, 2013 2
Metal Gear Solid Revengeance weaponry

High-Tech Weaponry

Ready to literally slice and dice enemies? Raiden certainly is. The cyborg ninja will use his high-frequency katana blade to cut through ANYTHING that stands his path. Noticed the term we stressed. Raiden’s weapon is a different design from the one featured in MGS 4, more curved as opposed to the straight, serrated blade. Plus he draws it from his back, similar to that in MGS 2. The game focuses heavy on fast melee combat centered around the use of Raiden’s katana. You’ll also be engaged in Blade Mode, which allows players to determine opponents weak spots in order to make the choicest cuts.

Our main protagonist looks to carry a number of sub-weapons as well ranging from a dagger to a rocket launcher. Not to mention his arsenal will be upgradeable throughout the game. That’s not including the ginormous and advanced weaponry he’ll be prying from his dead enemies hands.

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