10 Reasons Why BlackBerry 10 Might Actually Be Good

evolveteam January 18, 2013 2
BlackBerry 10 BlackBerry Balance

BlackBerry Balance

Corporate-heavy users can now balance their personal and business accounts simultaneously—firewalling both areas of the device and allowing for remote management such as wiping the headset clean of data. No need to worry, unless an IT rep puts out the order. Nevertheless, the struggle between switching accounts has been resolved.

BlackBerry 10 Web Browser

New & Faster Browser

BlackBerry 10 looks to support HTML 5 and helps push fast online performance, while offering a few interesting features including offline reading. Users will also have the luxury of bookmarking or adding a site to the home page, plus tag a selection with descriptive terms. You’ll notice the title bar has been ditched when jumping on a web page, offering more viewing space for users. Swiping your finger across the screen cascades a menu filled with numerous options including sharing and other productive tasks.

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