10 Reasons Why BlackBerry 10 Might Actually Be Good

evolveteam January 18, 2013 2
BlackBerry 10 OS

Smoother & Richer OS

The biggest complaint about RIM’s previous operating system? It was out of date and lacked the core functionality best provided by its competitors. BlackBerry 10 touts a more streamlined and simplified interface with an icon-based platform that gives users easier access to core programs. Thus negating the need to customize and fiddle with the advanced settings. Aside from its faster performance, we’ll take you through some of the system’s more prominent features as you move forward.

BlackBerry 10 BlackBerry Flow

BlackBerry Flow

According to RIM, Flow can be considered “a seamless user experience which provides full control and flexibility in every moment and every touch. Flow keeps the momentum going so that user goals can be achieved quick and efficiently.” In other words, the option delivers lag-free results when engaging in multitasking-heavy chores. So you can check out notifications at any time and hit up the inbox with the swipe of a finger.

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