10 Reasons Why BlackBerry 10 Might Actually Be Good

evolveteam January 18, 2013 2
BlackBerry 10 Active Frames

Active Frames

Consider these widgets for the homescreen that provide instant access to apps already in use. So say you have the browser, BBM, and Twitter all open, you can access any of the programs directly from the homescreen without having to search for the icon. Active Frames can be accessed on the upper right with the most recently opened program displayed at the beginning of the order.

BlackBerry 10 Time-Shifting Camera

Time-Shifting Camera

Like the Samsung Galaxy Note II and Nokia Lumia 920, the latest set of BlackBerry devices will allow mobile photogs to select their subject’s best facial expressions from different photos and paste them onto the best picture option. Time Shift starts by selecting five shots before and after pressing the shutter button. Once choosing the “perfect still,” the camera ditches the other nine pics and frees up memory. Smile for the camera jabroni.

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