5 Reasons Why ‘EverQuest Next: Landmark’ Is The Next Major MMORPG

evolveteam February 11, 2014 2
EverQuest Landmark payment

Pay-To-Pay Build

What more incentive does a hardcore gamer need than financial compensation to play and create? Right? Sony knows the worth of its players and their creations—therefore it’s decided to welcome a new payment system that rewards gamers for their creations. As Senior Global Brand Manager Omeed Dariani mentioned to us, players could end making a career out of it: “It’s a way to make money and do it professionally over time. As this program grows, it’s gonna come to point where these people are going to make more money than us.” It’s unknown what the company is willing to pay for certain items or landscapes, but if they’re talking about making more than the actual people working on the game, best believe its a hefty amount.

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