5 Reasons Why ‘EverQuest Next: Landmark’ Is The Next Major MMORPG

evolveteam February 11, 2014 2
EverQuest Next Leveling Up

Out Goes Leveling-Up, In Comes Multiclassing

SOE is ditching its leveling-up system in favor of what it calls Multiclassing. Players will choose from eight RPG archetypes and progressively unlock spells, opening the lane for them to later mix and match abilities by discovering other 40 new classes in the world and equipping new weapons. Again, no static levels here, only player tiers. Raising a tier means you’ll have to craft the proper armor and tools. So if the M.O. is to build an entire home from wood or a more premium resource like Obsidian, you’ll have to reach a specific tier. This now encourages the player to rummage through the massive world or dig below the ground to discover essential minerals and build high-end creations.

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