5 Reasons Why ‘EverQuest Next: Landmark’ Is The Next Major MMORPG

evolveteam February 11, 2014 2

EverQuest Next Creation Tools

A DIY Utopia for MMORPG-ers

The centerpiece for EverQuest Next revolves around the new tools set, offering players the chance to add, delete, select, and smooth out built entities. As you search for space to lay the groundwork for your fantasy utopia, the creative potential becomes limitless with the ability to construct objects of all shapes and sizes that can be saved and recreated through simplistic PC commands such as copy/paste. You have the luxury of creating anything from floating mansions to underground lairs.

These same objects will even afford you the opportunity to create familiar objects, as we did during our initial test run. We couldn’t help but recreate the Death Star. Sony’s gone on to introduce a new system known as Rallying Calls that brings together an entire server community that can be used to assemble invading mobs and construct cities. And the best part is SOE plans a ton of more features heading into the launch of EverQuest Next.

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