2013 Holiday Gift Guide: The 10 Best PS4 Games

evolveteam November 7, 2013 6
NBA Live 14 PS4

NBA Live ’14

Price: $60
The Live series is finally resurrected and stays exclusive to next-gen platforms. Gameplay gets a massive face lift in the form of the all-new bounceTek physics engine, which improves the dribbling system to have complete control and more active response. You will also see over 50 NBA players signature moves. Live 14 is driven by CourtQ technology data, updating player and team rankings right after live games are played as well. This should add a more realistic feel sports fans will appreciate.

Knack PS4


Price: $60
Heroes come in all shapes and sizes. The action platformer has you protecting mankind from a new threat, transforming the lovable protagonist from a three-foot tall hero into a huge wrecking machine. Knack features two-player co-op and lets a second person join in the fun or leave at any time. It’s an adventure for all ages in the good spirit of Crash Bandicoot and Jak & Daxter.

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