2012 Holiday Gift Guide: The 5 Best Nintendo Wii U Games

evolveteam November 30, 2012 4
2012 Holiday Gift Guide Zombi U


Price: $60
Ubisoft takes a crack at Nintendo’s new platform and constructed an original game that’s utterly frightening, but in a good way. The resulting ZombiU isn’t your typical zombie outbreak, shoot’em in the head title. This is a first-person trek that lands you into an all-too-real London infested with the undead. And its use of the Gamepad is what stands out and adds to the realism. It’ll act as a scanner, as well as your “Go Bag.” Just know engaging in either activity narrows field vision just like in real life. And like real life, you’ll experience real consequences. Leaving gamers open to possible harm of the unseen definitely ratchets up the anxiety level. The fighting system could take time adapting to and the game does have its “Really???” moments. But ZombiU will scare the heck out of players and that’s what a great zombie game should accomplish. Correct?

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