2012 Holiday Gift Guide: The 5 Best Tablets (and e-Readers)

evolveteam November 29, 2012 2
2012 Holiday Gift Guide The 5 Best Tablets (and e-Readers)

Today’s tech consumers continue to show signs of hesitancy when it comes to choosing their next big portable gadget. The decision practically comes down to an e-Reader or tablet. Some love the mobility and simplistic reading presentation of the B&N Nook. Others prefer the high-tech accessibility and feature set of the iPad. There’s even a high interest in Microsoft’s latest offering, which has helped usher in a new category known as the convertible: a laptop/tablet combination. Man, it’s hard choosing between the three.

It’s even more difficult narrowing down the selections, especially with the market being swapped with heavily-promoted gizmos that never live up to their expectations (or MSRP). In the end, it all comes down to usability, performance, and preference. And it just so happens that we picked up on the elite models for each major platform. So if you’re still struggling, be sure to look over the 5 Best Tablets and e-Readers before making any rash purchases this Christmas.

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