Femme Fatales: The 10 Hottest Female Assassins In Film

evolveteam August 26, 2011 0

 10. Elektra (Jennifer Garner, Eleckta)

Adorned in a tight red leather suit and wielding dual sai weapons, Marvel’s ninja assassin not only put a hurting on Daredevil himself, but she came back from the dead, and took out a group of supernatural hitmen: all while protecting the two people she was hired to kill. With balls of steel (metaphorical, of course) and a heart of gold: How could you not fall in love with this deadly beauty?

 9. Maggie Hayward AKA Nina (Bridget Fonda, The Point of No Return)

After watching her murder baddies in a skimpy black dress, don’t front, you developed a schoolboy crush on Bridget Fonda during the early 90s. Playing a former drug addict turned government operative, she pulled off a number of successful hits, wiped out The Cleaner (Harvey Keitel), and escaped the government’s clutches to live a normal life with love interest Dermot Mulroney. Maggie did it her way by killing the opposition with her alluring frame, undeniable beauty, and .22 Caliber pistol.

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