Epic Games Confirms New Game Franchise That Resembles Old Property

evolveteam March 18, 2014 0
Epic games Samaritan

With Microsoft recently acquiring the Gears of War property, most of us were left wondering what Epic Games next big title would be. In prepping for its huge GDC 2014 announcement, the studio recently confirmed work on an all-new IP and showed off new concept art for the game of a character that closely resembles the anonymous hero featured in its 2011 tech demo for Samaritan.

Lead animator Jay Hosfelt acknowledged the new franchise was being developed without a publishing partner, implying the series would possibly be a non-platform-exclusive. Sorry Xbox fanboys.

Samaritan Epic Games

Hosfelt also went on to display the concept art for the familiar character model mentioned above, leading experts to speculate that the new franchise would be tied into the three-year-old project despite no mention during the presentation. You can check out the Samaritan demo below and narrow down the similarities.

We’re expecting to hear more on the announcement throughout the week.

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