E3 Exclusive Sony PlayStation Press Conference (Pricing, PS4 Plus, & Game Sharing)

evolveteam June 12, 2013 4
Sony Playstation PS4 E3 2013

This E3 was known as “the Next-Gen Console Wars,” with the gaming expo serving as the platform for companies to put rumors to rest and give consumers a look at the future of gaming. Sony came through with the mindset of coming out top dog. And that’s exactly what it did. The gaming giant took a hit when releasing the specs for the PS4, and until then, stood quiet on design, pricing, and availability.

Surprisingly, it announced all three at the expo, plus more. On top of tagging the console at $400, Sony also stressed the importance of the machine’s ability to play used games and not having to be connected to the Internet 24/7, which was clearly a direct stab at Microsoft that sent the audience into hysteria. Revisit Sony’s shinning E3 moments as we give you the video rundown of the PS4’s pricing, game sharing policy, PS4 Plus membership deals, and more.

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PS4 Pricing

Sharing Games Policy

PS4 Plus Membership

Sony PlayStation Cloud Service