5 Reasons To Be Psyched For ‘Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes’

evolveteam February 25, 2014 3
Ground Zeroes Gameplay

Upgrade Gameplay

Next-gen technology means next-gen gameplay. Ground Zeroes will feature some pretty dope gameplay upgrades such as pinpointing enemies on the map, which simplifies the process of scanning areas for threats by adding their locations on your map. Kojima’s also assured us that players will have control of the game’s direction by choosing what order the story events transpire by selecting missions in any order. A Bullet Time-like feature is also present, becoming active when the infamous exclamation mark pops up on Snake and helps gamers neutralize such threats before matters escalate. And like in Peace Walker, you can utilize a base-building feature to develop weapons and items from their virtual motherbase, which is also accessible via smartphone.

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