10 Android Key Lime Pie Rumors We’ve Heard (So Far)

evolveteam February 6, 2013 1
Android Key Lime Pie Project Butter

Smoother Project Butter Experience

For those of you unfamiliar with Project Butter, it’s Google’s newly dubbed user experience that supposedly makes phone interaction “buttery smooth” on Jelly Bean devices. The feature promotes three different areas: Vsync (ups frame rate), Triple Buffering (smoother GPU performance), and Touch responsiveness (self-explanatory). Looks like the game plan is for Google to make Project Butter much more refined on Android 5.0

Android Key Lime Pie File Manager

New File Manager

For the last two years, Androidphiles have depended on the services of third-party file managers like ASTRO File Manger and Host Commander. According to industry sources, Google’s finally paid attention to the numerous complaints about not having a built-in file manager into its OS and will move forward with introducing one come launch. Fingers cross!

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