WTF: Doom II Reimagined As Open-World Survival Horror Game

evolveteam May 23, 2014 2

Ever since Bethesda announced it was rebooting the Doom franchise and releasing a beta that came bundled with Wolfenstein: The New Order, gamers are still anticipating a first look at the title. E3 2014 seems like our best bet to get a glimpse of the horror title. But caught in the excitement of the upcoming IP, a group of fans were encouraged to develop a total conversion mod of Doom II that looks pretty freaking insane.

Officially dubbed Total Chaos, the game is an open-world survival horror adventure that lets you take on the role of a mysterious character who is left on an island infested with monsters—left with nothing more than a video camera. The developers look to grant players the opportunity to choose what they want such as roaming the island or seeking out other lost characters.

Take a look at the teaser above and leave your impressions in the comments section.

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