Bioshock, Dark Souls & The Last of Us Reimagined as PS1 Classics

evolveteam July 24, 2014 1
Last of Us PS1

I guess it’s true… history is bound to repeat itself. While Microsoft and Sony battle for the highest frame rate and the best resolution, gamers are looking backwards for their entertainment. A new trend in the gaming industry is reimagining certain elite titles for the PlayStation 1 era. This new craze has drawn many creative minds in the community together to come up with some of the best renditions of the newest titles in their classic forms. Even the briefest of visits to the NEOGAF forums, you’ll discover a goldmine of classic renditions of games. The latest batch to surface include Bioshock, Dark Souls, The Last of Us, and yes, Watch Dogs.

So as we move forward as an industry, it’s always good to look back and thank the titans of the industry for not releasing the newest triple=A titles even a few years early, because some of these games just look sad. Check out the rest here.

Last of Us PS1 Cover

The Last of Us PS1

Bioshock PS1

Dark Souls PS1

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