Vin Diesel Shares On-Set ‘Riddick’ Photo On Facebook

evolveteam January 20, 2012 1
Riddick 3 Vin Diesel

How many times have we’ve heard about Riddick’s return to the big screen? Actor Vin Diesel has worked over the past several to get a third film made in the action sci-fi series, and has made minor strides in getting it into the pre-development stage, as this on-set image clearly indicates. Diesel shared this image via Facebook page to inform his near 30 million “Likes” of the film’s progress, writing the following caption”:

Grateful for the opportunity to make magic…

Thank you.

P.s. One from the set…

Give us more Pitch Black Riddick than Chronicles my dude. Just sayin’, right? Expect to see Diesel back in the spotlight the next three years, as he prepares to shoot back-to-back sequels for the Fast and Furious franchise within the next few months.