Twitter Leaker Ousts Samsung Galaxy S5 Active

evolveteam March 26, 2014 2
galaxy S5 Active

Judging by last year’s suite of Galaxy S4 devices launched (the flagship GS4, Mini, and Active), the odds of its next-gen smartphone following the same release stratagem are pretty high. Samsung has only announced the Galaxy S5 as its next and only mobile of 2014 thus far. And even though talks of the Galaxy Note 4 hitting the scene this fall are already surfacing, we could possibly see another handset under the GS5 imprint hit the market: the Galaxy S5 Active.

Twitter leaker evleaks claims the phone is being disguised as the Samsung SM-G870x and will launch on AT&T, Sprint, and other US carriers.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Active

There’s no stopping this dude. If the rumor holds true, and it most likely will considering evleaks well-established reputation, one has to question why the manufacturer is releasing such a device when the GS5 is already dust- and water-resistant. Only reason we can think of is to expand the company’s already overcrowded smartphone catalog.

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