Tomb Raider Review

evolveteam March 13, 2013 3
Tomb Raider review graphics

Stunning Graphics

To say the visuals in Tomb Raider look stunning would be an understatement. Players will find themselves absorbed in the stunning presentation even when watching the simplest action of Lara shivering as she lights a campfire and keeps warm in the wilderness. She’s practically life-like throughout the entirety of the game. From the detailed caves to the well-designed jungle, the environments look like something out of an HD National Geographic video. The most minor duties such as laying close to a fire for warmth purposes radiates in vibrancy.

tomb raider multiplayer

Unnecessary Multiplayer

Does Tomb Raider really need it? While we all enjoy playing multiplayer games and gathering up a batch of friends to duke it out online, not all games are meant to feature the gameplay mode. And this is one of them. You have two sides here: survivors and scavengers. After two days of play, multiplayer became boring, as it’s just to easy and requires no skill to accomplish goals. In other words, you can practically suck at this game and still gain XP and accumulate points for dying.

It’s understandable that companies want to expand on a title’s value by adding different elements to it, which is fine, but as we stressed, not every title needs it. Needless to say, for those developers that do make the attempt to bring forth a multiplayer mode, add something different to will make this portion of a game stand out and be as strong as the single player campaign. That’s all.

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