2012 Holiday Gift Guide: The 10 Best Smartphones $300 and Under

evolveteam November 27, 2012 5
2012 Holiday Gift Guide the 10 Best Smartphones $300 and under

This year was by far the biggest for smartphones. Not only did Apple and Google spoil us with new operating systems, but Microsoft was also welcomed back into the fold with its latest (and surprisingly well-done) OS: Windows Phone 8. On top of that, Android manufacturers such as HTC and Samsung introduced us to the future of mobile multimedia, while Motorola broke new ground on the hardware front with its incredible battery-saving components. Consumers are already lining up to drop their Christmas cash or upgrade on the most up-to-date and powerful handsets out until CES time. Though most are being conservative with their budgets. And depending on the carrier, it might not be an easy decision.

So many great options at sustainable values: how does one choose from a lineup consisting of over 40 + devices? Having tested every premium model on the market over the past year, it’s only right we put you onto the industry’s finest options…at a reasonable price tag, of course. From quad-core-powered beasts to phablets, here’s a heads up on the 10 Best Smartphones $300 and Under available this holiday season.

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