Suzuki’s Three Concept Cars Unveiled For 2011 Tokyo Motor Show

evolveteam November 9, 2011 0
Suzuki Regina concept car

With so much buzz surrounding this year’s Tokyo Auto Show, Suzuki has pulled the sheets off its showcase models a month in advance, unveiling its three new compact concepts. Sticking to its “small cars for a big future” theme, the Japanese manufacturer is set to introduce a new breed of global and eco-friendly whips.

First up is the Regina concept, which sports a light green, aerodynamic veneer, plus flat-sided aero alloys and front- and rear-integrated bumpers. Suzuki claims the vehicle will boost fuel economy: generating 88mpg and 70g/km Co2 emissions.

Second is the Suzuki Swift EV Hybrid: An EV car running on an engine driven generator capable of producing 12 to 18 miles on battery power.

Lastly is the bizarre-looking, electric two-seat quadracycle known as the Q concept. Suzuki says the car is “ideal for everyday journeys within a radius of about six miles,” which can be transformed into as a single-seat car with rear cargo area. It’s also said to have enough space at the rear for two children.

Expect more details and images in a few weeks as Suzuki brings its three future concepts to the 2011 Tokyo Auto Motor Show. Take a look at the other prototypes below and leave your impressions.

Suzuki Swift EV Hybrid Concept

Suzuki Q Concept Car