Star Wars Battlefront 3 Could Feature Death Star & Executor

evolveteam July 8, 2014 0

While we get closer and closer to 2015, one thing is on every Star Wars fans mind: Where is Battlefront 3? Since last year, EA has teased us with production footage of the game and no actual gameplay, yet here we are, speculating on what could be in the newest installment to the beloved franchise. Since we saw the footage from E3, it is clear that EA is taking Battlefront 3 to the original trilogy and including story aspects from that era of Star Wars.
Two of the biggest things from the original trilogy were the two main flagships of the Imperial Navy; Darth Vaders personal Super Star Destroyer, The Executor and the battle moon, The Death Star. While EA hasn’t announced anything regarding space battles for Battlefront, it is clear that the game should go in that direction, as the previous installment featured a lot of space combat.

How they plan to use these two main flagships could prove to be interesting though. While the Death Star is massive, as we all know, it’s sort of worn in video game history. Most Star Wars games have featured the Death Star in some capacity so it wouldn’t be a huge surprise to see it revived in vivid 1080p. The interesting part of this all could come in the form if using The Executor. This massive Star Destroyer would be a huge playing ground for space battles as well as multiple maps for the single player campaign. Seeing how all of this is speculation at best, it would be nice to see EA truly shock the fans and bring these two massive space stations to life once more.

For more details and speculation as to exactly how these two would be used, check out the video above.

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