Sony Survey Teases New PlayStation 4 Features

evolveteam April 2, 2014 0
PlayStation 4 Survey

Always looking for new ways to improve its gaming experience, Sony’s been gauging the interest of PlayStation gamers by having them participate in a new survey, which has them rate possible PS4 features from “very appealing” to “very unappealing.” The questionnaire spotted by VGX mentions the following features:

– Player reputation system
– Ability to change PlayStation username
– Advanced matchmaking system
– Become invisible when online
– Synchronize messages across platforms
– On-screen notifications when friends come online
– Party chat that supports more than 8 players at a time
– Ability to chat with PS3 and PS Vita gamers on PS4

Sony PS4 Survey

Sounds like a dope set of add-ons to integrate into the PS4. Seems like Sony is keen on building a reputation system, considering Microsoft has already announced one for the Xbox One platform.

The most popular options would be added to the console in future updates, though no word was given on when any might be made available for users.

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