Sly Cooper Thieves In Time Review

evolveteam February 15, 2013 2
Sly Cooper Thieves In Time Characters

Character Selection

The more playable characters, the better, especially when it comes to platformers. Besides controlling Sly (who of course is that dude, love his attitude), gamers have the luxury of exploring the open-world stages with any member of his entourage: including Cooper’s ancestors once joining up with the team. Each character has their own set of strengths and abilities, but the game offers very little reason to play as Bentley, Murray, or even Carmelita Fox, except when forced to by way of a dedicated mission, while the ancestors get a little more time in the spotlight than other characters.

Sly Cooper Thieves In Time Difficulty

Difficulty Level

We’ll just say it…the game is pretty easy. In fact, there wasn’t really much of any challenge. But the mass amount of hidden treasure and achievements to unlock adds a little more shelf life to the title. For instance, treasures, once located, must be carried all the way back to the gang’s hideout in the stage without taking any damage and within a limited amount of time, adding some additional fun to the minor task. The big payoff for completing everything is unlocking a mini-game back at the hideout. Other than that, you just might find yourself jumping to another title once finished.

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