Saints Row IV Review

evolveteam August 20, 2013 3

Saints Row IV story

Story Mode

What’s not to love about stepping in the President’s shoes, especially when it’s the Leader of the Saints? Exactly. Roll around decked out in a purple suit and stay close to your Secret Service gang, which consists of gang members. The fun gets cut short the moment aliens invade the White House, kidnapping all of the Saints, and leaving you teleported into a computer-generated world that doesn’t really exist. Oh, it gets even more bizarre. Your job is to track down the Emperor Zinyak, while freeing the rest of the Saints from Alien domination. Entertaining on all levels.

Saints Row IV features


Volition gets props for expanding the character customization here. The main character can either be a he or she, plus they can pimp out their avatar in over 600 different types of cloths, 220 tattoo combinations, 55 skin colors, and 28 facial hair types. Weapons get some love too, with over 11 design options intact, as well as different weapon types such as the guitar case gun. You won’t get bored here.

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