New Report Says Titanfall 2 is Coming to PS4

evolveteam June 9, 2014 1
Titanfall 2

If there was one IP most PlayStation fans are jealous to see on the Xbox One, best believe it’s Titanfall. The popular FPS has played a integral role in the success of Microsoft’s next-gen console and remains one of the highest-selling titles of the year. But all exclusivity could seem to be coming to an end, as a new report from the Wall Street Journal claims Titanfall 2 will infact go multiplatform and arrive on the PS4.

The publication says the sequel is in the planning stages of development and will hit Sony’s machine once completed, along with a PC and Xbox One version. Though EA is still onboard to publish the title, the company has yet to confirm any news at the moment, telling IGN the following: “We do not comment on rumor or speculation. Right now all our focus is on supporting all the fans worldwide enjoying Titanfall.”

Think we all know what EA’s steelo is. So in other words, expect Titanfall 2 to be announced sometime this week during E3 or at a later time…for both the PS4 and Xbox One.

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