Titanfall Update Four Introduces New “Featured Game” Mode

evolveteam June 25, 2014 0
Titanfall Update 4

In an announcement detailing the upcoming fourth free update for Titanfall, developer Respawn Entertainment revealed the upcoming “Featured Game” mode, which will introduce new games modes available only for a limited time into Titanfall’s multiplayer playlist rotation. The first new mode to be featured will be call “Marked for Death” and it will place a player in a, unsurprisingly, marked for death situation where others must try and kill them, while protecting their own marked comrade.

After Marked for Death has run its course, the next featured game mode will be “Wingman Last Titan Standing.” The announcement also unveiled several other patches and improvements included in Update Four. Fourteen new Titan Burn Cards have been added, and the Burn Card system has been slightly tweaked to allow players who have a full Burn Card deck to continue to acquire Burn Cards, though they must discard excess cards before they can utilize the cards.

In addition, the update will offer Titanfall players more options to customize their Titans: including insignias and the ability to choose from two new voice-over options for their Titan in addition to the classic “Betty.” Respawn did not announce a date for the update’s release beyond saying that it is “coming soon.”

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