New Call of Duty: Ghosts DLC Gives Xbox Players Early Access to “Ripper” Hybrid Gun

evolveteam March 7, 2014 0
Call of Duty Ghosts Ripper Gun DLC

Xbox Season Pass owners have been clamoring for some exclusive Call of Duty: Ghosts content since the start of the year. Activision looks to bless them with its second expansion pack dubbed Devastation, which will offer early access to a new hybrid weapon dubbed the Ripper and four multiplayer maps when launched April 3 on the Xbox One and Xbox 360.

Peep the breakdown of what the Devastation pack will feature below:

Multiplayer: Four new multiplayer maps.
Ruins – Located on a Mexican peninsula and set on a mountaintop Mayan temple. Completing a Field Order will allow you to trigger the map’s volcano to erupt.
Collision – Set atop a container ship in New York, this small map is best suited for run-and-gun tactics, Activision says.
Behemoth – This map takes place aboard a massive excavation platform in South America. Long sight lines will benefit snipers, while interior control rooms will require quick reflexes, according to Activision.
Unearthed – A reimagined version of Dome from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. This compact map features a secret alien weapon that you can use if you unlock a special Field Order.

New Weapon:
Ripper – Described as a 2-in-1 SMG/Assault Rifle, this hybrid weapon can be used on all Call of Duty: Ghosts multiplayer maps. It can switch from an SMG to an Assault Rifle on the fly. Season Pass owners on Xbox 360 and Xbox One can get the gun today.

Extinction Mode:
Episode 2: Mayday – During this chapter of the story, players will board a “mysterious Chinese research vessel” in the Tasman Sea and uncover a “much deeper conspiracy” as they seek out Captain Archer. Using a new form of the Venom-X weapon, players will battle a new alien species called the “Seeder.” You’ll also battle a 100-foot tall enemy known as the “Kraken.”

Activision has also teased that another “epic, action film star” will appear, which we should hear more about in the next coming hours. Those who remembered the game’s Onslaught pack will remember encountering Michael Myers in its multiplayer mode. Watch the new preview clip below to get more familiar with upcoming DLC.

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