New Apple Patent Looks to Improve iPhone Battery Life

evolveteam July 25, 2013 1
iPhone battery life

The biggest on-going complaint about every iPhone model to hit the market has always been battery life. Well, according to a new Apple patent application, the world’s largest tech company is working on an innovative way to help preserve vitality on your smartphone. From the looks of it, Apple will focus on upgrading its software to intelligently manipulate mobile power instead of increasing battery capacity. The patent will take advantage of other notable performance features such as a user’s location and app usage, powering down certain components on the device depending on their location and phone habits.

If approved, and successfully integrated, your iPhone will boast technology that is capable of powering off hardware such as wi-fi and the GPS, as well close apps and inform users on estimated battery life. It’s a little early to determine whether this will be integrated into the next line of Apple products, but one can only hope so.


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